Art Lover Ground | ALG Solo Cooc
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ALG Solo Cooc

Context Out Of Context (CooC), this one the name of the Solo exhibition of both photographers Eliya Akbaş and Mico Omic. Friends in really life, they collaborate on some projects together. The idea of the exhibition was to put side by side Eliya’s and Mico’s works so the audience could see the different of style from both photographers.


They are used to shoot with the same models at the same location, so it was an interesting exercise for our viewer and understand the meaning of art, which is the expression of a personal and deep emotion. We then see the different and sometimes opposite perceptions they have.


The ALG Solo exhibition was hold for the first in a tattoo shop, Meatshop Tattoo. The gothic expression of the space gives a special atmosphere, which fitted pretty well with the work of Eliya and Mico. We were very pleased to collaborate with Meatshop, and we invite you if you are interested by getting a tattoo, to get in touch with their amazing tattoo artists.