Art Lover Ground | Kristina Stuokaite
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Kristina Stuokaite


Kristina Stuokaite was born in 1986 in Panevezys, Lithuania. From early childhood Kristina was discovering herself into different ways of Art but the biggest passions always were colors and lines. All the scholar books, the walls at home were marked by illustrations, fonts and colors.


Other big passion for Kristina is the theatre. From the kindergaden she was attended to the theatre group for children. As long as the artist can remember herself, she always was in the theatre or near it. Perhaps therefore the stylistics of the works of Kristina are interwoven with decorative elements, symbols and characters from different eras, especially the Victorian style.


The imagination is one of the biggest powers what the humanity has and everyone can see very distinct meaning looking at the same thing. This keep the circle of life so alive. This is the point which Kristina try to seek with her stories in her Art.