Art Lover Ground | Richard Hoffman
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Richard Hoffman


RichHARD is the Pop Colour Artist and, like him, his work is captivating and full of life. Humour can be seen in all his work much like the extra H in RichHARD that he has adopted. He principally works with iconic pop culture combining fine art with a fresh urban edge.


Originally from London, he was trained as a Fine artist at Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Having made a success in Finance to support his career, he begun exhibiting in late 2017, and has had a rollercoaster ride of almost 30 shows within a year gaining momentum. RichHARD has exhibited at unconventional locations including London Comic Con and Weed You (Cannabis Club). He now works from his studio close to Sitges, Barcelona.


RichHARD’s works are bold and chiefly revolve around emotion and people. Often provocative, he does not fear to challenge his viewers. Works can be playful in their aesthetic, but contain a deep attention to detail and subtly deal with issues.